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Care and maintenance

In order to maintain the leading bright, please keep the environment air circulation and frequent or regular cleaning cock

- only rinse, with a soft cotton cloth wipe dry tap.

- don't use any acidic cleaning agent, grinding effect, emery cloth or paper towels.

Such as the need to undertake a large number of cleaning work, please follow the following procedures:

1 the use of water and soft cloth, as far as possible to remove surface dirt and fouling of membrane.

2 the use of any one of the following cleaning agent to remove surface dirt and fouling of membrane.

- a mild liquid detergent.

- colorless glass cleaner, does not have the grinding effect and can completely dissolve powdered detergents ( according to the manufacturing instruction mix).

Do not contain abrasive polishing liquid.

Each cleaning is finished, please immediately with water to remove all cleaning agents, and with a soft cotton cloth to wipe.

If the following fault, exclusion as follows:

1 if the water is small, can enlarge the inlet valve, increase in the water.

2 if the water is not water, forked or reduce, remove the bubbler, flushing on the impurity.

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