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Installation notes

Thank you for choosing the company's products, when you installed before use please note the following:

1 please choose experienced hydraulic installation of water pipes, so as to avoid improper installation position, affect the appearance and comfort. ( the following figures are for reference only, the specific according to the actual situation. )

The 2 installation of the former leader, you must open source switch, clear the pipes embedded within the impurity and dirt, to prevent blockage of bibcock, effects of water function.

3 this product has been manufactured after comprehensive testing and adjusting, not on the main product to assemble.

4 the installation process do not pay attention to product and percussion tool scrape products or lime powder and other corrosive substances adhering to the product surface, so as not to affect the service life of the product surface.

After 5 installation, please check whether the connection is closely connected, whether the pipe leakage.

6 taps with hot and cold water pipes connected correctly, single to lead to correct adjustment should be light lift handle, tap water outlet, and closed. Left right regulation regulating hot water, cold water.

7 this product is not installed in a corrosive gas and other substances in the place.

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