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Dealer conditions:

One, the" wood beauty" business philosophy and is willing to recognize, and" wood beauty" synchronous forward and open up the market, at the same time are willing to actively cooperate with the action of market and promotion activities.

In two, to recognize and abide by the " wood beauty" manual and other related policy and regulations.

In three, the performance of the year, the number of terminals ( including store / shop ) make a promise, and has the ability to achieve this goal ( including human resources, public relations, financial resource).

In four, the dealer is an independent economic entity, able to bear the relevant risks, liabilities.

In five, a lot of the exhibition hall ( flagship shop, shop, shop shop ), and in accordance with the terminal display standard decoration company.

In six, the exhibition hall ( area) display and all sales"," brand products, decorative retained for at least two years.

Seven," wood beauty" for the company's flagship product, the brand has a very high degree of loyalty.

In eight, sales of bathroom products rich experience.

In nine, the college has be trained with regularity shop service and sales team, including managers, after-sales service, engineering, distribution.

Ten, timely provide" MUMEI" requirement and the market demand for a variety of customer service.

In eleven, the local has a rich network resources, a good relationship and communication skills.

In twelve, and"," communication and feedback, both in written form shall prevail, all materials in annual sales within effective.

In thirteen, and the regional manager to develop a" wood beauty" the regional promotion plan and implementation details.

Fourteen account, clear, clear month of month of knot.

Dealers obligation and responsibility:

One, as"," business partners, if the market competes with any activity, should be immediately to the message back to the" wood", and regularly according to the company required to fill the market form, in order to"," can make timely corresponding market action.

Two," wood beauty" for any promotion and promotion plan, the dealer must strictly abide by the rules, and actively support, unconditionally assist.

Three, in order to improve the" wood beauty" of the brand image, the dealer must according to "," unified sales price, dealers without a written application and get"," allow, can not arbitrarily change the minimum retail price ("," the written consent of the limit ).

In four, the dealer must on its operating store management, including cleaning shop and exhibition hall with the sample, so as to improve the" wood beauty" brand image.

In five, at least 1 responsible for distributor configuration"," product promotion, installation, after-sales service model, warehouse, finance, shopping guide and other personnel, engaged in"," a full range of products services.

Six, ensure"," exhibition hall, can only be installed" wood beauty" products, and to maintain the hall clean, all kinds of exhibition props should be intact.

In seven, the dealer receives"," any sales policy ( for example: promotions, final action etc.) and market policy (for example: change the product mix, exhibition decoration ), should be with.

In eight, the dealer has the responsibility to" wood beauty"," MUMEI" products provide users with the perfect after-sales service. In the after-sales service process, we must first time on consumer complaints quality problems and treatment products, such as product quality problems due to the users caused a direct economic loss, must make identification and provide on-site photo. All products must be reported to the quality problems"," regional manager for examination and approval, permission to return.

In nine, the dealer is responsible for the development of distributors, provide detailed information, and the regulation of channel and the distributors to provide sales support.

In ten, the dealer full with a positive"," marketing staff duties.

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